Opening Hours

Birthday Experiences, Race sessions and private functions can be booked in advance. We also take bookings for Private Grand Prix Events.
If you would like to arrange a GP event, on a day that we are currently not open, please give us a call and we will do our best to arrange this for you.


If you are attending Coast 2 Coast Karting as a carer, please note the new regulations.

A ‘Suitability to Drive’ statement must be completed prior to your attendance to drive. This statement must be completed and signed by the clients GP and then passed onto us.  This will then enable us to carry out a site-specific risk assessment prior to the driving session.

We will then contact you with a suitable appointment for the client to participate in.


Sessions will be pre booked only, to control the number of people on site, thus reducing risk to all. Please note, payment is required when booking and no refunds will given for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice.

We have new sanitising equipment, using O3, UV and disinfecting mist to ensure all safety equipment – helmets, gloves, balaclavas and suits are sanitised before use. We also have hand sanitising stations available.

Drivers are still welcome to use your own helmets (Visors required, no peaks) and leather palmed gloves.


Give us a call to book, we look forward to welcoming you back.

Saturday 15th August 10am -6.30pm

Sunday 16th August 10am -6.30pm

Monday 17th August 10am -6.30pm

Tuesday 18th August 10am -6.30pm

Wednesday 19th August 10am -6.30pm

Thursday 20th August 10am -6.30pm

Friday 21st August 10am -6.30pm

Saturday 22nd August 10am -6.30pm

Sunday 23rd August 10am -6.30pm

Monday 24th August 10am -6.30pm

Tuesday 25th August 10am -6.30pm

Wednesday 26th August 10am -6.30pm

Thursday 27th August 10am -6.30pm

Friday 28th August 10am -6.30pm